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Join us every other week as we convene the 'video game book club.' Each episode is structured around a topic: anything from 'Trust' to 'Robots' to 'Body Parts'. Listen in as your hosts each bring a game to the table that they think exemplifies that topic in some way. Give us a shot, won't you?
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Dec 4, 2018

Winter is, well, here, and your hosts have a brand new episode to keep you warm on those dark, lonely nights. Greg hibernates through the whole episode. Giovanni and Colin have a nice fireside chat about snowboarding. Dave pitches the most ambitious crossover of all time. It's an episode the whole family can love, except for maybe the first 20 minutes that's all thirsting for The Grinch. 

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Games discussed include The Grinch, Never Alone, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Snowboard Kids 2. 

Show Notes: 

A bunch of thirsty images of The Grinch

The Grinch has a kind-of adult secret that will definitely ruin Christmas, Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent

Nov 20, 2018

Welcome to the spiritual sequel to our comedy episode: a spoilerific episode on "Tragedy!" Join your tragically flawed hosts as they attempt to suss out the struggles and successes of tragic games. Greg spoils a game moment that has been around for decades. Giovanni reveals a hidden tragic ending that never came to be. Colin lives for the BBC serials that end in tragedy. Dave examines the tragedy that is Josef Fares. 

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Games discussed include Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Final Fantasy VII, Shovel Knight, and Missile Command

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Nov 6, 2018

WELCOME, BELOVED LISTENERS, TO THE LEFT TRIGGER RIGHT TRIGGER COMEDY HOUR. Tonight's very special episode features all an all star cast of comedic players, here to tickle your funny bone on the topic of "Comedy." Master of Ceremonies Dave immediately supplants the regular host in making this the funniest episode of LTRT on this particular topic. Contact juggler Giovanni warms up the crowd with this jokes about scooters (and maybe dead children? It's hard to say). Infamous magician's assistant Colin discusses what it was like in the secret diablo basement. World renowned clown impersonator Greg brings his tragic-comedic stylings to the table in order to totally rag on NPR. What do you think, everyone? 

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Games discussed include The Stanley Parable, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Razor Freestyle Scooter

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Show Notes:

The Making of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2, Harold Goldberg for Vulture

Video Evidence of the Infamous Cougar-Man


Oct 23, 2018

Welcome to a vaguely spooky episode of Left Trigger Right Trigger. Slightly scary guest Andrew Zucosky joins your hosts to discuss "Disempowerment," a word that may not actually exist. And how appropriate, dear listeners, because is there anything as ambiguously eerie as the plausible deniability of existence? 

Tune in as Andrew gushes over anything approximating a tentacle. Greg talks about his jaws that bite, his claws that catch. Giovanni says he's not going to talk about something and then totally talks about it. Colin discovers they're powered by blood. Dave pitches a phenomenal crossover hit of a game. 

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Games discussed include Resident Evil 4, Hearthstone, Metroid: Zero Mission, EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, and Stick It to the Man!

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Show Notes: 

Meta Polarity and its Impact on Hearthstone, Brian Kibler, Vicious Syndicate. 

Brian Kibler on Twitter

Buck Bumble Theme Song


Oct 9, 2018

This episode of Left Trigger Right Trigger was made possible by our sponsors - Mountain Dew and Hale & Hearty Soups. 

Advertisements: they surround us, embrace us, become the content of our very minds. Advertising makes the world go round - shout out to our tertiary sponsor Rand McNally. "Rand McNally: Wherever you are, that's a place."

Where there is profit to be made, advertising is sure to follow. Tune in as your hosts discuss the ups and downs of sponsored content (brought to you by Little Tikes Brand Seesaws: "Little Tikes - Every Child Gets the Same Cozy Coupe"). Greg discusses some ads that don't hold up over time. Giovanni discovers the dark side of free-to-play games. Dave explores the auditory affects of advertising in games. Colin has some thoughts about the un-cola.  

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Games discussed include Tomb of the Mask, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Gears of War, and Cool Spot

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Show Notes: 

The original Super Smash Bros. Ad

The original Animal Crossing Ad

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City radio commercials

Metroid Prime US commercial

Weird Ad for the Playstation Store 

Another Ad for the Playstation Store

Sep 28, 2018

SURPRISE loyal LTRT listeners! Here's a very special episode of our newest show: Fullmetal Bazinga. We hope you like it - if you do, why not go over and subscribe to that feed? There's already a piping hot new episode waiting for you to enjoy.

On with the description!

Welcome to the premiere episode of Fullmetal Bazinga: A Real Show for Humans and Other Sentient Beings. We invite you to join us every week as we seek the truth behind the cultural touchstone known as "The Big Bang Theory." 

In this episode, we break down the essential questions for the best season of CBS's most popular sitcom: What Will Marriage Be Like for Sheldon and Amy? Will Raj Ever Find Love? Does Sheldon Bang? Is Chuck Lorre Ok? 

All these questions and more are discussed in episode 01: The Conjugal Configuration. 

Keep up with the show by following us on Twitter: @FMBazinga

As always, a huge thank you to Doug Linse for creating our intro and outro themes. You can find all his music by going to

Tune in next time for episode two: The Wedding Gift Wormhole. 


Sep 25, 2018

We're not the great communicators that we used to be, apparently. However, that won't stop us from discussing "Communication" in this episode of LTRT. Giovanni hints at potentially joining a cult. Colin talks about how much they love screaming. Dave tries to stop this whole situation from blowing up. Greg courts a new sponsor for this podcast. 


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Games discussed include Octopath Traveler, Spaceteam, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and Hearthstone

Show Notes: 


Dead Cells' Twitch Integration is Great, Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat


Console Repairmen Explain Why Cockroaches Love PS4s, Cecilia D'Anastasio, Kotaku


Buzzfeed News Cuts Podcasting Team to Focus on Video, Benjamin Mullin, Wall Street Journal


Telltale Games Layoffs, Matt Patches and Owen S. Good, Polygon


Guy Fieri Actually Had a Pretty Classy Clap-Back for Anthony Bourdain, Sarah Rense, Esquire

Sep 11, 2018

The long awaited Sports episode has finally happened! If there's one thing these four hosts know about, it's sports. They love talking about sports. They love reading about sports. They love dreaming about sports. Everything you've ever wanted to know about sports gets discussed in this episode. Colin talks about sports in which you hit balls with your fists. Giovanni talks about sports that are violent, but entertaining. Dave talks about stereotypes in sports. Greg talks about a sport involving nets. It's all sports. 

Tell us about your favorite sports on our Facebook page. Tweet us your thoughts on the intersection of sports and labor over on Twitter. Watch us devise new sports over on our YouTube Channel. Write us a quick note about your best sports memory over at Apple Podcasts.  

Games discussed include Tekken 3, NFL Blitz, Sega Soccer Slam, and Virtua Tennis

Show Notes: 

How In The Hell Did NFL Blitz Ever Get Made? Aaron Gordon, Vice Sports

Aug 28, 2018

THE WHOLE OONIVERSE WAS IN A HOOT DENSE STATE! Double-O August wraps up with legitimately like 20 minutes of discussion on the Big Bang Theory. We aren't sure what happened but it's tangentially related to the the topic of "Outdoors." Giovanni confesses to a crime he committed against his own grandfather. Colin proposes so jolly cooperation in the woods. Greg can't stop talking about his area. Dave learns the truth about his long lost brother. 

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Games discussed include Pokémon Go, Firewatch, Don't Starve Together, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Show Notes: 

Justin McElroy would like you to look at his map

Aug 14, 2018

That magical time of year is upon us again: Double-O August returns, bringing with it a whole bunch of topics to delight and confuse. This is the month in which your hosts refuse to talk about anything that doesn't contain a double-o, so we hope you like it? "Cartoons" leads off this holy month, so make sure to tune in and listen to Greg get frustrated with babies. Giovanni defends his strange addiction. Dave teaches everyone how to audio-bend. Colin describes his obsidian hippo. 


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Games discussed include Rugrats: Search for Reptar, Animaniacs, The Legend of Korra, and Garfield: Caught in the Act. 

Show Notes: 

eBay Garfields

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