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Join us every other week as we convene the 'video game book club.' Each episode is structured around a topic: anything from 'Trust' to 'Robots' to 'Body Parts'. Listen in as your hosts each bring a game to the table that they think exemplifies that topic in some way. Give us a shot, won't you?
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Dec 19, 2017
Dear friends, 
We are gathered here to pay our respects as we banish 2017 back to the land of wind and ghosts. In this retrospective episode we examine the year in detail and each of your hosts brings forward a game that symbolizes their experience of 2017. Giovanni looks for the one positive outcome of this trash year. Colin vows to keep moving forward. Dave takes a moment to find calm. Greg works through some things. 
For real though: we get into some heavy stuff. Here's your content warning for grief, depression, and mentions of cancer and lost loved ones. 
Also: Thank you to all our listeners, families, and friends for supporting us in making this project. We appreciate all of you. We hope we can help make the next year a great one for everyone. 

As always, please review us on Apple Podcasts, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and watch us on YouTube. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. 

Games discussed include Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Show Notes: 

There is One Good Thing About 2017: Lots of Queer Women in Games Danielle Riendeau, Waypoint


We Made The Developer Of Getting Over It Play His Own Infuriating Game Tim Rogers, Kotaku


Yoko Taro's letter to the press for game of the year coverage


Charles Marinet, the voice of Mario, has the worst website ever literally don't click anything unless you want to download a dozen copies of his video resumes

Dec 5, 2017
2017 is nearly over and that means it's time to party down as we slam dunk this garbage year straight to hell! All things party adjacent and tangential get covered in this episode: arcades, barcades, Dave & Buster's, Charles Entertainment Cheese, and Charles Entertainment Cheese ripoffs that scar children for life. There's also some talk about video games, deleting scripts as people try to read them, and realtime ASMR directed at one host of the show. It's our narrowest of narrowcast episodes ever! We're sorry! 

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Games discussed include X-Men Arcade, 1-2-Switch, The Wonderful 101, and Chroma Squad

Show Notes: 

Sammy's Absurdist Pizza Buffet (RIP)