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Join us every other week as we convene the 'video game book club.' Each episode is structured around a topic: anything from 'Trust' to 'Robots' to 'Body Parts'. Listen in as your hosts each bring a game to the table that they think exemplifies that topic in some way. Give us a shot, won't you?
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Nov 21, 2017
It's a very happy and demented Thanksgiving special here on Left Trigger Right Trigger. "Food" is the topic at hand, but you probably wouldn't know it from the discussion in this episode. Giovanni finds a slug on his ceiling and freaks out. Greg spends half the episode watching movie trailers. Colin admits to eating human beings. Dave pitches a new Wario franchise. All of them confess to committing various food-related crimes. It's a wild episode, but one worth listening to if only for the last 45 seconds. 
We at Left Trigger Right Trigger wish all our U.S. listeners a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Games discussed include Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Grill-off with Ultra Hand, Ms. Pac Man, and Overcooked

Show Notes: 

NOUR - Experimental Food Art Game

Grill-off with Ultra Hand promo video

Battle Chef Brigade Release Trailer

RAMPAGE - Official Trailer

Nov 7, 2017
You put your headphones on your head and turn on your favorite podcast app. When you hit play, the mellifluous voices of nerds fills your ears. "Choice" is the topic at hand: who will you listen to first? Will it be Dave, the spookiest host? He questions the value of choice when the rewards are always the same. Maybe you'll go with Greg, the drunkest host? Listen to him explore the pressures of how we choose to spend our time playing games. Or there's Giovanni, the longest host. He interrogates the moral lessons of choice in certain games. Lastly, you might go with Colin, the leftist host. He talks about monsters for some reason. To listen to this podcast, jump ahead to second fifteen. There, your adventure begins!

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Games discussed include Infamous Second Son, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Papers, Please, and Monster Loves You!

Show Notes: 

Death of the Player - Mattie Brice

I Don’t Trust David Cage to Tackle Domestic Violence in 'Detroit' - Bruno Dias, Waypoint

David Cage on Detroit and its depiction of domestic violence - Martin Robinson, Eurogamer

Detroit: Become Human Trailer Paris Games Week 2017 - IGN (TW Domestic Abuse)